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Swordsmanship Discussion


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Lets text/chat about what we have found helpful in learning how to use a sword.

Swordsmanship or sword fighting refers to the skills and techniques used in combat and training with any type of sword.

Simply put, swordsmanship is the art of using a sword as an extension of your body. In other words, it is the art of using a sword as you would use your arms, legs, hands, or any other part of your body. When you are holding a sword, it should feel like it is an extension of your arm. If it doesn’t, then you aren’t holding it properly.

The art of sword training develops the following qualities in people:
- Increased Awareness
- Improved Focus
- Improved Reaction Time
- Improved Coordination
- Increased Stamina

Sword training is a great exercise for the body because it combines the intense cardio of running with the muscular endurance of weight lifting. In other words, sword training is a great all-around workout that will leave you lean and mean.
Sword training is a fantastic, cardiovascular workout that will build muscle, burn fat, and pump up your heart. It’s also a great way to tone your arms, chest, glutes, and abs.

Training & Qualifications

I bashed up my brother's nuckles for years trying to teach us how to sword fight just like in the movies we watched.
I'm sorry about that, and I miss my brother a lot now that he has moved away, but he ended up being the better swordsman of the two of us so it was worth all the blood sweat and tears.

We practiced "Broadsword for the Stage and Screen: The De Longis Method"

Availability & Preferences

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Reviews of Samuel

Krystophe received hour of Logo Design from Samuel
Apr 18, 2023
Very nice to work with Sam!!
Rod provided Help with Gift for Samuel
Mar 21, 2023
Great guy, he sent me coins just for helping and really appreciate it
Jan 13, 2023
Thank you for the leads
Maria received hour of Logo/Graphic Design from Samuel
Jan 02, 2023
Thank you for an amazing logo and font!
Maria received hour of Logo/Graphic Design from Samuel
Dec 21, 2022
Awesome job! Very talented!
Maria provided unit of FREE MONEY - find unclaimed money for Samuel
Nov 04, 2022
I hope you will find this information useful.
Maria provided unit of Simbi 101 - How to get started FREE for Samuel
Nov 03, 2022
Thank you for your appreciation.
Patrick provided Help with Gift for Samuel
Nov 02, 2022
It's been cool talking with Samuel - frankly, a good deal more interesting than I expected, haha! :)
Miriam provided Help with Ask Me Hard Bible Questions for Samuel
Sep 24, 2022
Samuel seems kind and intelligent and friendly. A pleasure to be of help.
Feb 06, 2019
Thank you for your kind prayer : )


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I'm excited to connect and serve people as a Chatplain here on SIMBI. Ask Bible Questions or Prayer.


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I'm excited to connect and serve people as a Chatplain here on SIMBI. Ask Bible Questions or Prayer.

Art/Graphic Design

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I'm excited to connect and serve people as a Chatplain here on SIMBI. Ask Bible Questions or Prayer.

Christian Prayer to Jesus Christ ♰

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Hello, my name is Samuel. I am a skilled, self-taught Graphic Designer with over 15+ years of Adobe Photoshop experience. I produce visual concepts to communicate ideas that inspire, info...rm and captivate consumers. I am passionate about providing clients, with simple, clean & recognizable designs that are original, identifiable & engaging using the most effective combination of elements, colors & fonts to convey the perfect message. I am offering help with any type of virtual art that you are looking to have designed, including Business Cards, Icons, Logos, Fliers, Posters, Signs, Acrylic Paintings, Digital Paintings, Illustrations, Book Covers, Self Publishing, Comic Books, Storyboards, Catalogs, Web Banners, Social Media Banners, Personal Website Design (No SEO) and I am interested in learning more. Let me know what you are looking for and give me a ruff idea of what you are trying to convey and/or advertise including any written info and I can more than likely help you design it. I am also a Christian Minister and Disciple of Jesus Christ. I enjoy serving others in any way that I can. If I can Pray for you please let me know. Jesus still heals the sick, casts out devils and raises the dead, and He prefers to use ordinary people like you and me. Even if our Faith is small He can use it to move mountains. I proclaim the Gospel of the kingdom of God . The Good News that I bring is this, Jesus came to save His people FROM their Sins for those who Sin have neither seen Him nor known Him. If Jesus gives you Freedom From Sin you will be free from Sin In Reality. The Apostle John went so far as to declare that he who is Born of God CANNOT Sin. Jesus has done this in my life. He paid the price for my sins and He has Saved me FROM my Sins. As a son of God, my Mission is to Destroy the works of the Devil. I proclaim the Good News of Freedom From Sin through my LORD and Savior Jesus Christ. There is no Salvation in any other. Whoever Believes and turns from their Sins and is Baptized calling on Jesus's name for the Remission of their Sins shall be Saved from slavery to Sin. And He will put His Holy Spirit within them, and cause them to walk in His statutes, and they shall keep His judgments, and do more

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