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Community Requests

Shamanic Arts Center is requesting
Call for Social Media Volunteers
We are looking for volunteers to post shamanic experiences weekly on their social media accounts. Volunteers will be given a free membership to the Experience Exchange sponsored by the Shamanic Ar...

To preserve shamanic culture by facilitating the exchange of oral & energetic shamanic practices.
Konor is requesting
Creative graph designs for t-shirt
I am looking to see what can be made into some sweet graphics for my company merch. I had a friend create some designs I can show you. I'm really looking for someone who is as creative as they are...

I think this platform provides great opportunities for humanity to come that much closer together and starts a new economic structure, allowing room for more interconnected growth as a race. It is ...
Keith is requesting
Calling B2B List
We are a virtual business consulting company that help small business owners grow their company. We had a brick and mortar but thought it would be better to go virtual due to the Covid pandemic. We...

My Availability Hours ( I'm Central Standard Time in US) Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm
Tristan is requesting
Need feedback on scene from a book
I am writing a psychological thriller, which will be published soon. I need feedback on the scene for scare factor. Also your feelings while reading it. Bonus points for anyone who watched the new...

Krystophe is requesting
Help Creating Base character
I'm looking for an digital artist to help me create a base character for a NFT collection. I have limited experience with digital art however i have great concept ideas and drawings to base the cre...

simbi is a great web space to share your skills, needs and products you have with the world. I am exited to start using this new alternative exchange system moving a step forward toward new earth.
Anne is requesting
podcast editing tutoring please
Hi, I'm starting a podcast and need a tutor to help guide me to editing properly so I can learn how to do editing 101.. Willing to give 100 simbi for two hours of work.

I have enjoyed using SIMBI services and offering my own since 2017. We can share our strengths,
Raymond is requesting
Custom image of the Simbi Community
I'm looking for a custom-made image like an animated image of the Simbi community. This will be sized to be a click-through on my website for members to join here. Perhaps something fashioned aroun...

A great way to get tasks done with quality work that is done on time by enthusiastic artists and gurus. A great crowdsource of people with a variety of talent.
Samantha is requesting
Send a Birthday Card to a 6 yr old
My daughter turns 6 on January 11th. Unfortunately, we all have the flu so I've had to cancel her party. I thought maybe some cards would cheer her up about the situation. She loves sending and re...

Joshua is requesting
Biggest Challenge with Meditation?
Quick and easy! Some simple questions about meditation. No experience required. No interest required! (Just mention why you're not interested!) If you don't want to enter your email address,...

🗝 I enjoy working with dynamic folks, cultivating new opportunities, and prototyping services! 🌀
Joshua is requesting
Join an Audio Mod Squad
I am looking for people in the wellness space or who can reasonably adapt what they do to the Wellness Community. I have some people from my other networks and we're putting together a Mod Squ...

🗝 I enjoy working with dynamic folks, cultivating new opportunities, and prototyping services! 🌀
Anita is requesting
Students For A Free Course
I am looking for 100 people to enrol for my course on a platform, FREE. For every good review, after your review is published on my course platform, I will send you 20 simbis. This is only for 10 p...

I am excited to be a part of this community, where I can get to meet people from around the world!
Simbi Community Development is requesting
Conduct SEO audit for Simbi domain
Initial results from Simbi's free Google Ad Grants for Nonprofits AdWords spending indicate that although Simbi has good SEO rankings generally, there is still lots of low-hanging fruit in terms of...

Simbi's nonprofit mission is to promote volunteership, mutual aid, education & community development
Akrid is requesting
Watch a specific video I send you
I am trying to get more views on my friends youtube channel. We are just trying to get the algorithm to notice him. I can send you the link, and all I ask is that you play it in the background for ...

Ive never seen a community like this before, the connections that can be made will be great!
Yodassa is requesting
I need a Twitch Mentor!
Hello! How did you start your channel? Can you help me with mine? I would love to start streaming reactions to films and pop culture events via twitch, and do the thingy where I can then use th...

I love the idea of a community of skilled people helping each other.
Simbi Community Development is requesting
Help us squash bugs on Simbi!
If you provide a useful bug report for something you see going wrong with Simbi, we want to reward you with simbi credits! Generally, a good bug report will contain as many as possible of the fo...

Simbi's nonprofit mission is to promote volunteership, mutual aid, education & community development
Catherine is requesting
How to stay organized as an artist
Someone to teach me some organization techniques for art supplies, running an art teaching business, and how to finish projects... as a creative, I struggle regularly with starting many things and...

Using my gifts to encourage and support others. I love drawing out the gifts of others and learning.
Live Well Tasmania is requesting
Local Area Coordinator
We are looking for local CENT traders to lead the program in your community. Contact us via our website

Our mission is improving health and wellbeing outcomes for our community.
Dylanna is requesting
Help Me Write Parody Lyrics
Switching Styles is a publication based on parody and cover music. I'd love to try my hand at creating parody lyrics but I'd love a second pair of eyes. Eventually, I'd love to have them written up...

Simbi is a community of people with diverse skills, talents, and views. I'm excited for more chances