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Free Lunch!

Pay it

25 value - - Posted Jun 24, 2019

Who was it that stated, with great conviction, that "There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch" and even made a silly acronym for it (TANSTAAFL) ? I believe the opinion, here, is that any lunch that seems to be free comes with a hidden payment plan or a hidden agenda.

Well, I hereby differ in my belief, I say that we can all work hard and do good things for each other, and that lunch can, indeed, be free! I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is (so to speak ;-) ), and I invite you to join me.

So here's my offer to you: Let's Do Lunch! I'm buying it (or making it, if we choose that).
Truth be known, if I don't already know you, I'll opt to buy it.
We can pick a place, meet, and have lunch together. Just FYI, I like to eat healthy food & prefer plants to animals.
(And, if you are not local to me, we can still meet for lunch...just need to make travel plans...could get complicated)
AND, with the current Pandemic, I'm open to a video-chat Lunch...which may be part of our "new normal"

During lunch, I'm open to talk about whatever is alive for you in your life right now. Tell me your hopes, fears, & dreams :-)
Life Coaching? Maybe, but let's not try to fix anything.
Empathy? Sure, but let's not be obsequious about it.
I'm thinking more like a causal chat between friends (new friends, old friends, all good!)

Is there a hidden agenda or a hidden payment plan? No.
I have a (non-hidden) agenda: to promote healing everywhere.
I have a (non-hidden) payment plan: Please Pay-It-Forward: take someone else out to lunch sometime & connect!

Okay! Let me know when you have an appetite to connect! :-)


Photo Credit: Jose Soriano @josesorianophoto

Training & Qualifications

I am an excellent listener & know a few yummy lunch-spots. I'm happy to buy you lunch and to know that your day or week can be a little lighter for it. This is very much worthwhile to me!
What qualifications do I need to be an excellent choice as a lunch companion? The same qualifications that you need:
I am a decent human being who cares about other humans. I have compassion in my heart. I want to receive and offer help to re-make society into one of greater connection and stronger ties. I enjoy eating and would rather share that time with someone else. I want to lift your spirits and I want my spirits to be lifted, also. We'll feel better, and the whole world, consequently, will be a little better, too.

Availability & Preferences

I live & work in the SF Bay Area. Tell me where you are!

Trading Preference: Pay it forward – pass on the good deed!

Reviews of Paul

David received unit of Free Lunch! from Paul
Sep 07, 2019
Paul is a great ally in the quest to bring healing to all! His openness and ability to both feel and think deeply are wonderful assets!
Dec 22, 2022
Paul is a reliable voiceover provider who delivers high-quality work. He is professional and friendly! Highly recommended.
Heart of Avalon received Help with GoBeyond™ -- Play-Test the Game from Paul
Apr 10, 2022
Paul is dedicated to making the world a better place. Greatly appreciate his alignment with compassion and altruism!
Mar 17, 2022
Paul was very knowledgeable, he was kind, he listened and his analysis gave me great insight. I really appreciate it.
Jenny received Help with volleyball from Paul
Jul 26, 2021
Jenny provided package of Yummy treats for Paul
Jul 26, 2021
Paul is a fantastic vball coach!
Jun 22, 2021
Great person to work with. This was just about choosing the right level analog XLR microphone for a workspace.
Inactive User
Inactive User received session of Find your Focus for Life from Paul
Oct 09, 2020
That was easily the most impactful conversation I have had since joining Simbi. I actually thought I was already inspired enough about Simbi. Well, I am even more IN. I am thrilled and honored to help however I can. I believe this is going to be FUN! :-) Tikor Foep (William H. Carlson, Sr.) Founder, Tikor Foep & Carzwell ❤️🌏☮️ show more
Raelle provided unit of Personalized Meal Plan for Paul
Sep 22, 2020
So kind and patient as I worked around a busy schedule.
Sep 01, 2020
Excellent. Highly recommend. This brought the writing of an article to a whole new level. Paul essentially "animated" the article and provided a new w...ay (for me at least) to explain an idea. I need more time with this concept before I fully understand it, as I have never experienced this done to anything I have written before. The sense, though, was "movie quality". I like more


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I believe that, with Simbi, we are all shaping a new, more connected reality together ❤️

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I believe that, with Simbi, we are all shaping a new, more connected reality together ❤️

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I believe that, with Simbi, we are all shaping a new, more connected reality together ❤️

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About Paul Melville

I am dedicated to building a world where healing and mutual support within the community are more central and we all live in balance with the world around us. My lifelong journey has led me here. ... Even 2 years ago, I never would have predicted it. Over 10 years ago I discovered that I have a gift for Energy Healing. This was the beginning of a shift and many ripples in my life. Some days are difficult and other days I feel beyond-fortunate to have seen what I've seen and to have been where I've been. Mostly, I have learned about my core--my core desires, my core values, my core priorities. Mistakes along the way--yes, plenty. I continue forward, my feet on my path. This is mine to tread. I find beauty in everything around me, and I enjoy lifting spirits of fellow humans. I like to encourage people--to help them find their courage. I believe in you. Tell me your story, and you will find an ally. I believe that we can uplift each other and that by doing so, we all become stronger. This is the true evolution for humanity. show more

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