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French conversation? Mais oui!


15 per unit - Virtual OK - Posted Jan 03, 2017

Let's have a light 15-minute conversation (unit) in beginner- to intermediate-level French via in-person public meetup, Skype or Facebook Messenger. The units can be stacked up to four for an hour-long session.

This is for someone who has studied French for any period of time and wishes to practice becoming fluent. It's one thing to learn how to read and write a new language, but it's another to listen and respond to it orally. I will conduct the conversation entirely in French as much as possible, even describing unknown terms with an easier definition or scenario in which the word or phrase makes sense, like a French dictionary for the French. We can discuss films and music, food or weather, love or traveling....

I will begin the conversation with the common introductory sentences, and then I will ask:
"Quel age avez-vous *en francais*?" This is to discover how many years you've studied, so you will respond with how many years or months you've studied French as though it is your age. My view of learning a new language is that one has the ability of a toddler to use spoken language to communicate. I will speak to you in French the same way an adult invested in helping a child with speech would speak to a 3- or 5- or 8-year-old. If you speak English to me before I feel we've reached a complete roadblock in understanding, I will view your English as a baby's babbling or gibberish. Don't worry though, it doesn't come off as condescending lol. If you're rusty or low on practice, all you need is great patience.

Another question I may ask is:
"On peut se tutoyer?" If this is unfamiliar to you, it's asking if we can move from using the formal "vous" with each other to the informal "tu."

Training & Qualifications

I hold a Bachelor's degree in French Language & Culture, solidified my fluency during a six-week study program in Quebec City (Université Laval). I have also navigated France & Haiti on vacation. I tutored French for a little under a year, and I was the French Club President for two years in college.

Availability & Preferences

Preferably weekdays 11am-4pm EST, but my schedule is fluid.

Trading Preference: I prefer exchanging services

Reviews of Dionna D

May 01, 2017
Alejandro received unit of French conversation? Mais oui! from Dionna D
Mar 09, 2017
It was awesome! She's so sweet and corrected the parts that I was messing up! Can't wait for a second session!
Brittany received unit of French conversation? Mais oui! from Dionna D
Jan 17, 2017
Very sweet and informative. A pleasure to work with!
Jan 22, 2017
D wa super friendly and obviously has a great command of French. A real pleasure to trade with! Will be trading with her again soon...
Sara provided Help with A messy room for Dionna D
Apr 05, 2017
I had such a fun time chatting with Dionna as she started decluttering her space :) I hope my minimalist background was helpful with your questions on... what to keep and what isn't necessary anymore! :) show more
Kathy provided package of Essay editing for Dionna D
Mar 26, 2017
Such a lovely woman! She was easy to work with and appreciated my help.
Katie-Laine provided package of Proofreading up to 750 words for Dionna D
Mar 12, 2017
Dionna was great - a pleasure to work with!
Sandra received unit of Back Massage delivery! from Dionna D
Mar 12, 2017
Donna was a pleasure to work with. She choose a wonderful piece of music to learn and did well with the tips and improvements I suggested. Look forwar...d to working with her again. She also is a fantastic masseuse. Thoroughly enjoyed my massage!show more
Philip provided unit of Proofread essays and applications for Dionna D
Mar 09, 2017
Fast response and very personable
Melvin provided hour of AMA : Ask a professional hypnotist for Dionna D
Feb 21, 2017
What a great person! Sorry we could not get together in person!


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About Dionna D Davis

I'm an actress and stage manager born and raised in Georgia, and a vegetarian yogi who loves helping and connecting people to who and what they're looking for. I'm also a Twitch streamer and property... manager. I'm an aspiring minimalist, masseuse & Bed n Breakfast owner. I love to drive my Prius, recycle, and compost kitchen waste. I want to manage a garden some day. My middle name was probably supposed to be Dabbler. I have an interest in nearly everything, which is why I love acting; it's a profession in which one is expected to know how to do a lot of things and us permitted to study it intensely to accurately portray the lifestyle of someone who is a lover of such a subject. I went to school for French & Theatre. I was French club President. I wear my hair naturally which is a big thing for black women but not any other race apparently. I can sing and dance, performance style and ballroom style (casually). I love spelling and reading. If I were in the Divergent world, I'd be a divergent hiding in either the Abnegation world or that colorful hippie one. If I were in Hogwarts, the Sorting Hat would bite me for being so difficult. I would love to try a society of clear and concise factions though. show more

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